Wir danken Ihnen für die freundlichen Worte, die Sie über das Laba Laba Boot gesagt haben. Wir tun unser Bestes, um unseren Kunden den Komodo Island Boat Tour-Service anzubieten, und ihre Zufriedenheit ist unsere ultimative Belohnung.


Diese 2 Tage 1 Nacht Komodo Tour ist der kürzeste Komodo Tour Service, den wir anbieten. Geeignet für diejenigen unter Ihnen, die einen begrenzten oder engen Zeitplan haben, aber dennoch die Schönheit der Insel Komodo genießen und den Komodo-Drachen persönlich sehen möchten. Klicken Sie auf das Feld, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.

Diese 3-tägige 2-Nächte-Komodo-Reise ist die beliebteste Komodo-Bootsfahrt, die unsere früheren Gäste aufgrund ihrer ausgewogenen Dauer gewählt haben. Sie kann viele interessante Ziele wie kleine Inseln und exotische versteckte Strände erreichen. Klicken Sie auf das Feld, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.

Diese 4-tägige 3-Nächte-Komodo-Tour ist auch eine beliebte Komodo-Bootsfahrt, die von unseren vorherigen Gästen aufgrund der längeren Dauer gewählt wurde, damit die Gäste entspannter sind und es nicht eilig haben, den Ausflugsort zu besuchen. Die Reiseroute kann auch nach Ihren Wünschen erstellt werden. Klicken Sie auf das Feld, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.

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thank you very much for having made arranged our boat trip so very well.


We had such a great time on the labalaba boat. The entire crew provided a five star service: from Manta spotting to preparing candle light barbeque dinner at the beach, and the quality and quantity of the food. It was an outstanding and unforgettable experience for us and our kids. We would not want to miss a single moment (or a single jump from the boat). Thank you very much!

Antonia (Germany)

Professional Komodo Boat Tour Providers

Friendly crew, clean boat and best food of our entire trip. We visited superb beaches and reefs; saw dragons on Rinca; walked up to the viewpoint of Padar Island; spent some time fishing on the boat while waiting for the flying foxes to show up; and snorkeled with Manta Rays. 


Reservation in advance without problems (with 50% advance payment by credit card via DOKU payBuddy). 

Frank Verhoeven (Belgium)

Excellent 3D/2N Trip in Komodo National Park

We had a lot of fun during our trip on labalaba boat. My kids were so happy staying on the boat and camping on the beach. The itinerary arranged was perfect. The food were excellent and always served on time. The captain and the boat crew were very friendly and helpful to us. I recommend Labalaba boat to anyone going to Komodo area.

Yuppy Suhandinata

Excellent Komodo Boat for Family Holiday

We booked a three night trip for our family (kids 12 and 14 years), which we enjoyed from the first to the last minute. The boat is comfortable, with plenty of room to relax on the rooftop, watching the beautiful scenery or taking a little nap (we didn't see any other boat that had this). The staff was super friendly and pampered us with wonderful food (three big meals per day), helping us with our gear and getting us to and from all the snorkeling spots. 

This trip is a good mix of relaxing while the boat is sailing, with activities - hiking, watching the Komodo dragons and lots of snorkeling. As scuba divers we've seen many beautiful spots, but the pristine reefs and amount and variety of fish that can be seen while snorkeling here is unparalleled. The route is well described on the website, and they follow it precisely. Also, the anchoring spots where you spend the night can be noisy, especially in front of Komodo village (we wish they picked a different site for that night) or because of other boats' generators, as they generally stay at a spot with a group of other boats.  However, as said, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip with Laba Laba boat and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys this kind of activity. They are one of the best !

Larissa van Geijlswijk

Amazing Experience At Komodo Island With Laba Laba Boat

We have loved our trip on labalaba boat. Very nice old boat, only one cabin but the other could sleep on big matelas on the dek (we were 5). Very good cook, cooking for us penty of different things Everyday. We loved the snorkeling, hiking and looking at stars and Sunset. Just a shame that the crew team (3) speak very little English.

Marie Dawance

super bateau trè confortable

Relatively small boat - nice for a family (we were with 5).  We slept at the top and also ate there (while sitting/lying on the floor with mattresses). Quite windy so we closed the plastic sides. Private team with captain, cook and help make you feel welcome on board.  Fantastic food - too much - by cook with very exciting dishes in small boat kitchen. Most magnificent snorkeling location we've seen so far (and we are divers); great lively coral; manta point etc.

Martjin Adorf

Adventure with private Labalaba boat to Komodo and Rinca

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